Learn. Grow. Thrive.

The days of not understanding what a Projector is are over. So, too, are the days of not working with your energy because it doesn't "fit" with the world. 

Because here you'll learn how to create your own path that's aligned with your unique energy, your personality, and your goals. 

Check out the courses + resources below to get started learning and creating your most aligned path forward.

The Academy's Mission Is Simple.

To empower Projectors so they can

  • Learn more about their unique energy

    An awake Projector is a powerful Projector.

  • Apply that knowledge to their life

    And make the impact they're designed (and here) to make.

  • Begin (and then continue) to thrive as a projector

    It's possible to thrive in this world while living as a Projector. (I'll show you how.)

Meet Your Guide

Ardelia Lee

Ardelia Lee is the host of That Projector Life Podcast and a walking, talking energetic compass on a journey to understand + fully experience what it means to be a Projector. She's here to support and guide her fellow Projectors as they start discovering and working with their Human Design to create a life (or a business) that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and enjoyable.