Let's talk about you + invitations.

We're about to get personal.

How would you rate your understanding of invitations on a scale from master to newbie? 

If your answer is anything less than either "master",  "I've got this in the bag, man!", or some kind of variant, we need to talk. 

You're a Human Design Projector, and that means that invitations are super important for you. 

If you're struggling to understand invitations + feeling stuck because of it, listen up. 

If you're doing all the right things to attract invitations but still aren't seeing any come in, listen up. 

If you're accepting aligned invitations but tripping over the boundaries that come with them, listen up. 

We're going to change the way you approach + work with invitations.

Imagine for a moment...

Invitations don't have to be frustrating or confusing.

  • Knowing what to look for

    You won’t be floundering in the dark, trying to find out if you’ve just received an invitation or not. You'll learn the 7 types of invitations so you have a better idea of what you're looking for.

  • Connecting with invitations

    Use your energy to connect with invitations before you even receive them. Let’s hear it for keeping invitations aligned + connected with you throughout the whole process.

  • Understanding boundaries

    Invitations come with boundaries. It's time to learn about them and how to find them so you don't overstep them and lose yet another invite.

What is Attract Epic Invitations?

That's where Attract Epic Invitations comes in!

It's a self-study, go-at-your-own-pace course for Human Design Projectors that will help you deepen your knowledge of and connection with invitations. 

As you work through this course, you'll be guided through the Projector manifestation process. Essentially, you'll be able to choose an invitation (or two or three) as you work through this course and lay the foundation for attracting it to you. 

The process that you learn in the course can be used again and again - as long as it feels aligned. (And of course you can always tweak the process or steps to align them with your unique energy!)

What's included in the course?

Take a look at all the goodies!

  • 5 pre-recorded lessons that walk you through each of the big pillars of invitations

  • A downloadable workbook for each lesson so you can process + integrate as you learn..

  • Guided meditations to help you energetically connect with your invitations + clear any blocks you experience.

Learn how to attract aligned invitations

Enroll in Attract Epic Invitations

All the lessons

Let's dive even deeper, shall we?

  • 01

    Start Here

    • Welcome to Attract Epic Invitations!

    • Choose Your Timeline

  • 02

    Set Your Intentions

    • Lesson 1: Getting Clear on Desired Invitations

    • Two-Pointing Demonstration

    • Two-Pointing Guided Meditation

  • 03

    All About That Wait

    • Lesson 2: How to Wait Like a Pro

  • 04

    Know Your Invitations

    • Lesson 3: The 7 Types of Invitations

    • Projector Beacon Meditation

    • Projector Beacon Meditation - Creating an Invitation Room

  • 05

    Accepting an Invitation + Recognition

    • Lesson 4: How to Accept (and Act on) an Invitation

    • Lesson 5: Recognition's Role in Invitations

Meet Ardelia

Deets on the person behind this

Ardelia Lee is the host of That Projector Life Podcast and a walking, talking energetic compass on a journey to understand + fully experience what it means to be a Projector. She's here to support and guide her fellow Projectors as they start discovering and working with their Human Design to create a life (or a business) that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Ardelia Lee