There isn't just one path to success.

Let's get real for a sec.

I'm willing to bet that the "conventional" way of doing things rarely worked for you. But, despite that resistance, I bet you probably followed some of those "conventional" ways as best you could. 

You know what I'm talking about - the old "Hard work = success" mantra that many of us were raised to believe in. 

I'm betting that didn't work out so well for you. But instead of questioning your methods, you questioned yourself. You probably thought for sure that something had to be wrong with you - after all, so many other people had followed that same formula and things worked out swimmingly for them. 

The big difference is that you're a Projector, and it's time to start living like one. 

Imagine for a moment

What would living like a Projector look like?

  • Finally understanding what is and isn't your energy

    There's no need for you to walk around like a sponge, absorbing and internalizing everyone's energy. You'll learn how to notice others' energy and how to release it from your own.

  • Receiving aligned invitations easily

    Invitations are a huge thing for Projectors, and this course will walk you through the energetics of invitations and how to work with them. It's time to use those magnetic powers of yours.

  • Not pushing or forcing things to happen

    Being a Projector means allowing life to unfold around you as you wait + have fun. But that doesn't mean you get to be passive in your life. You'll learn how to actively wait for the invitations you want.

What is Discover Your Projector Magic?

The self-study course for new Projectors

DYPM is an 8-week self-study go-at-your-own-pace course for Projectors who are new to Human Design. 

You'll learn how your Projector energy works + how to work with it. This course covers topics crucial to Projector success, including invitations + waiting, deconditioning, clearing + protecting your energy, and how to master systems. 

It's a great first step if you're new to Human Design and want to learn more about Projector energy.

What's included in the course?

Lessons, homework, bonuses, oh my!

  • 6 pre-recorded video lessons that cover the core topics new Projectors need to know

  • Integration activities for each lesson (so you can implement and process what you learn)

  • Bonus resources to take your learning deeper (because Projectors need that extra depth)

  • The freedom to learn when you want - you can start and finish the course on your own timeline

Dive into your Projector energy + step into alignment.

Join the self-study

Let's break down the lessons

See what's in the course

  • 01


    • Start Here!

    • Suggested Course Timeline

    • How to Navigate the Course

    • First Pendulum Clearing

  • 02

    Projector 101

    • Lesson 1 - What Is a Projector?

    • Bonus - Self-Care for Projectors

    • Get Your Course Workbook

  • 03

    An Empowered Projector

    • Lesson 2 - Understanding Recognition + Invitations

    • Bonus - How to Talk About Human Design

  • 04

    Becoming Aware of Your Energy

    • Lesson 3 - Finding Your Conditioning

    • Lesson 3 Resource - Undefined Centers + Conditioning

  • 05

    Protecting Your Energy

    • Lesson 4 - How to Clear + Protect Your Energy

    • Chakra Clearing Meditation

    • Projector Beacon Meditation

    • Projector Beacon Clearing Meditation

    • Pendulum Clearing

  • 06

    Mastering Systems

    • Lesson 5 - How Projectors Master Systems

  • 07

    How to Thrive

    • Lesson 6 - Thriving in a Generator World

    • Bonus - 7 Projector Life Hacks

  • 08


    • Get Your Course Workbook (Again)

    • How to Copy Documents in Google Drive

    • How to Download a Google Doc

    • Trello Functions Walkthrough

    • Trello Board Walkthroughs


Got questions? I've got answers!

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll receive lifetime access to the self-study version of Discover Your Projector Magic, including any changes or updates I make to the course.

  • What's the difference between this version and the group version of DYPM?

    The group version of DYPM is much more structured. The lessons release on a schedule - roughly one a week. And the group version has a Facebook group where we meet to talk and share what we're learning. The group version is about creating a community and giving you that extra bit of support so you have a place to answer your questions and process what you're learning.

  • When can I access each lesson? Can I see them all immediately?

    Yes! The self-study version of DYPM doesn't have time restraints on lessons. You can watch the lessons whenever you want.

Meet Ardelia

The Projector behind it all

Ardelia Lee is the host of That Projector Life Podcast and a walking, talking energetic compass on a journey to understand + fully experience what it means to be a Projector. She's here to support and guide her fellow Projectors as they start discovering and working with their Human Design to create a life (or a business) that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Ardelia Lee

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