Your Human Design chart holds layers of info.

Let's unlock the mystery, shall we?

Wondering what those four arrows on either side of your Human Design Bodygraph mean? Those are variables - and they tell you how you digest, what environment is best for you, how you view the world, and what motivates you. 

But it can be difficult to figure out what all of those arrows mean. The Understand Your Variable video series will help you dive deeper into each of the four arrows so you can finally understand how to work with them to live in alignment with your unique energy.

Please note that this an advanced Human Design topic. You really need to fully understand your Strategy + Authority before you dive into this.

Get the Understand Your Variables series and discover

What's in this for you?

  • How you digest food in a way that allows your body to fuel itself correctly

  • Which environment is best for your energy + your body (and why this matters)

  • How you view the world and what you're designed to see

  • What motivates you, and how to tell when you're not in alignment

All the lessons

Take a peek at what we'll cover.

  • 01

    How to Find Your Variables

    • Find Your Variables Walkthrough

  • 02

    Understand Your Variables

    • Understanding Left and Right Variables

    • Digestion + The Primary Health System

    • Understanding Your Human Design Environment

    • Understanding Your Human Design Perspective

    • Understanding Your Motivation + Awareness

  • 03

    About Ardelia

    • Meet Ardelia

Meet Ardelia

The Projector behind it all

Ardelia Lee is the host of That Projector Life Podcast and a walking, talking energetic compass on a journey to understand + fully experience what it means to be a Projector. She's here to support and guide her fellow Projectors as they start discovering and working with their Human Design to create a life (or a business) that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Ardelia Lee